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Did you know that the methane output of a cow is based on the amount of feed they eat on daily basis?

Cattle Producing Less Methane

 The genetic selection of low methane cattle is now possible. New studies have found that low RME (residual methane emissions) animals produce 30% less methane than their counterparts.

Want to stand up to the media, celebrities, and politicans who think they have the right to dictate what is on your dinner plate?
Enjoy a Steak & Save The Planet

What are the future generations being taught about what is healthy or what is good for the environment? There are so many influences that are pushing the wrong thing to benefit themselves, they aren't thinking about saving the world for future generations.

Did you know that if cows didn't eat some plants, they would create more methane gas then the cow itself?
Beef is Saving The Planet

Always on the newest diet trend, but have you ever stopped to think what can be cut out of a diet that is high in protein? No. Beef is high in protein and is now being talked about more because our bodies need a good protein. Just like we need a clean air source and clean water source to survive. Now we can continue to have a clean food source.

A perfect ecosystem with clean air and clean water

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