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Environmentally Friendly Beef Benefits 


Lucky 7 Angus 

Raising cattle is the way of life for the fifth-generation ranch in the heart of Wyoming, which began in 1895.  We have always been stewards of the land and our philosophy is that we must leave it better than we found it for the next generation.

When we raise our cattle, we strive to raise them in the best ecosystem possible, having clean air, clean water, and a clean food source. This allows us to create a healthier cow, but what if while doing that we create a better environment?


Lucky 7 Angus has been using a GrowSafe feed intake monitoring system for upwards of 15 years to scientifically locate proven feed efficient genetics. The system measures the amount of feed consumed by each individual animal in the test.  At the end of each test, the data is gathered and analyzed. New herd bulls and momma cows are selected based on feed data acquired to produce the next generation that is more efficient than the last.  By doing this we have been able to create genetics that eat less but gain more, and produce less methane, while cutting down the feed cost in some instances by 40%. No private angus seed stock producer in the world has tested as many of their animals, for as many years, as Lucky 7 Angus has been testing our herd. 


Our goal is to create animals through genetic selection which will lower the carbon footprint per pound of beef.  Our average daily temperature, high elevation setting, and better animal husbandry are doing just that but the added benefits of what our durable cattle do also allow for less antibiotic residue, zero growth hormones, and better animal health.


Recently Lucky 7’s data was analyzed by an outside source and our herd was considered 35% more efficient than the average beef cow herd.

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